First, what are DLL files? What are its advantages?

A DLL file can be described as a library which contains code and data which may be used or applied by several programs at once. For instance, in the Windows operating systems, Comdlg32 DLL carries out shared dialogue box-related functions and each program is able to use the functionality contained in this file in order to implement a so-called Open dialog box. In fact, much of the operating system functionality for the Windows operating system listed in the “Applies to” part is made available by DLL, or dynamic link libraries. In effect, some programs can include different modules, while every program module is contained as well as distributed in the DLLs. The use of these files helps to promote the so-called modularization of code, as well as code reuse, effective use of memory and lowered disk space. The result of this is that the operating system as well as the programs can load more quickly and run more rapidly, as well as taking less disk space on the PC. Also, when a program utilizes a DLL file, an issue called dependency can set off a failure of the running of the program. But, when a program applies a DLL file, it creates a dependency. Also, if some other program happens to overwrite and break down the dependency, then the original program can fail to run. Moreover, by introducing Microsoft .NET Framework, many of the existing dependency issues were eliminated with the use of assemblies.

What is the cause of this error?

An error message regarding a misplaced lame_enc.dll (DLL file) refers to an issue which the program you are using has with a LAME MP3 encoder. An error caused by Audacity software is the most common, due to the fact that Audacity is the usual application which uses the LAME MP3 encoder. Every lame_enc.dll error is caused by a missing section from the LAME MP3 encoder or another issue which the audio program you are using has with the LAME MP3 encoder.

lame_enc.dll Audacity

How can this error be fixed?

It is important not to download that particular file separately from a DLL download site, as many of these sites are not legitimate. However, if you have already done this, remove the file from where you put it. Then carry on with the subsequent steps:

  • Close and then re-open the audio program which created the error. The program which you are using (it may be Audacity) can be suffering from a problem which may be fixed by restarting your PC.
  • Then download the newest LAME MP3 encoder package (an Audacity site). The ZIP file includes the newest version of lame_enc.dll and associated files.
  • Proceed to extract the files which can be found in the ZIP file which was downloaded in the previous step.

Last but not least, copy the DLL file to the locations which the specific audio program needs. It is the case that certain programs don’t need the lame_enc.dll file to be located in specific folders. For example, Audacity just needs your instruction where to put the mentioned file.