What exactly are DLL files?

A dynamic link library – or DLL file – is some sort of library with a code and data. Its functionality can be used by more than one program at one time. Additionally, some programs contain diverse modules, even though each program module is included and dispersed in the DLL files. These serve in the promoting of not only something called a code modularization but code reuse as well, and an operational use of memory in addition to reduced disk space. As a result, the operating system as well as the programs can be loaded more rapidly and will, in fact, run better. Also, they take up less disk space on the computer or PC. When a program uses one of these files, dependency can cause a malfunction in the program’s running (when a program uses this kind of file, dependency is created). Furthermore, Microsoft.NET Framework is very efficient in eliminating several of the existing dependency issues.

What causes this type of DLL error?

These particular DLL file errors can be a result of situations which cause the removing or corrupting of the msvcp71 dll file. However, in certain cases, these errors can also be the result of problems with the registry, or it could be a malware or virus issue. As always, there can also be a problem with the hardware.

How are these errors fixed?

As with most of these errors, it is relevant not to download msvcp71.dll from one of the DLL download websites – they may not be legitimate sources. You can follow these steps:

msvcp71.dll img

  • Start by restoring the file from the Recycle Bin, as the cause of a missing DLL file could be its accidental deletion.
  • Then run a scan for viruses or malware.
  • Apply the System Restore option to reverse any latest system changes.
  • Use the Reinstall option for the program which is using the DLL file. Do your best to carry out this step, as it may be a possible solution to this error.
  • Update the drivers of the hardware devices which may be related to this error.
  • Run the command sfc/scannow System File Checker in the aim of replacing a missing/corrupt copy of the file.
  • Install Windows updates.
  • Test the memory of your PC first, and then the hard drive. Needless to say, the memory as well as the hard drive are the most probable causes of the errors.
  • Repair Windows.
  • For repairing msvcp71.dll related issues within the registry, use a free registry cleaner.
  • The next course of action, if all else fails, is to carry out a so-called clean installing of the Windows system, which is bound to delete all data from the hard drive. Then install a new copy of the Windows system.
  • The last step is troubleshooting for any hardware problems, if the msvcp71.dll error continues to create havoc. Following this, the DLL issue which you have is surely hardware-related.