What is 192.168.l.0?

Basically, 192.168.l.0 is a private IP (Internet Protocol) address which is regularly used by the routers Netgear as well as D-Link, which are the competitors of the Cisco, Incorporated Linksys division (the company that make the majority of the Internet routers which are in use all over the world). However, this network address is not the only one used by Netgear and D-Link, and other key manufacturers of routers may choose to make use of the same default address if they wish. The use of this address has two purposes: for the initial setup of the router, as well as for the purpose of identification of network connectivity problems with D-Link and Netgear products.


How do IP addresses function?

Basically, an IP address is a series of four blocks of numbers, and each of the blocks is a value between 0 and 255. In turn, this means that every block of numbers has some 256 possible values.  Internet Protocol addresses are 32 bit numbers which serve to identify computer systems when they are linked together, similarly as telephone numbers – if we dial the identical number, we always get hold of the same computer. Thus, IP addresses contain bits of information about the location, just like telephone numbers and addresses. There are loopback addresses, network broadcasts and private addresses such as for example 192.168.01. This address is a private one, as defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (hereinafter IANA). Thereby, IANA defines programmed ranges of IP addresses which are set aside for private use and are usually used on a local network or a private computer for specific tasks.

The first standard for IP addresses was IPv4, and 192.168.l.0 is a general example of an IPv4 address. The most identifiable IP addresses are in the range from 192.168.o.1 to, as these are the ones used by home users.

What is the difference between private addresses and networked broadcasts?

A networked computer will not succeed in connecting to the Internet if it utilizes a private IP address as its identifier. Not only that, but a networked device which is not within but rather outside of the network, will not have the possibility of connecting to a computer or a networked device by a direct use of a private IP address. These kinds of connections are then required to proceed through a device or router implemented by Network Address Translation (NAT) for security purposes for the local network.

Why is the IP address 192.168.l.0 important?

As has already been said, this is a default private address, which is most frequently used as the Netgear and/or D-Link default IP address intended for the configuration of local routers. There are some other generally used default router IP addresses, such as or, also belonging to the IANA reserved range meant for private use. The most important function of the default Netgear and D-Link IP address is permitting the connecting of an end-user or network administrator with the network router in order to configure the Internet connections, security settings, or by and large, conducting network administrator functions.