What is this exactly?

This is a process, not a virus or a Windows core file, but it is an essential part of Windows, and it is a safe process. However, it has been known to causes problem, even though it is a dependable Microsoft file which can be located in the Windows folder: C:\Windows\System32 folder. It only started to get used after Vista was introduced. It is also called an executable, a system service by Microsoft which serves as an aide to the functions of Microsoft. This is an offspring of the SearchIndexer.exe file.

How is it uninstalled?

This program has no window which is visible, and its technical security rating is rated as being 12 percent dangerous. There is an option to uninstall Security Update for Microsoft from the PC by using the Control Panel – Add/Remove programs.

How can you disable the service?

This process is necessary for the proper operation of certain Windows Search functions, even though the search function can still work (but slightly less well) without this process, it usually has no conspicuous influence on the system’s performance but it certainly should not be disabled on the spur of the moment.

searchfilterhost.exe img


If for whatever reason someone wishes to disable this service, this is done by following the given instructions.

Why would you wish to uninstall it?

This file usually uses a small amount of memory and CPU power, as well as not utilizing many system resources, but there are some complaints.

Namely, the file or process encounters an amount of network activity when it connects with Microsoft to download data. This data is it is linked with various help queries for various topics within Windows’ incorporated help system, going immediately to Microsoft. If you want to disable the network activity, you can open the box Help Topics in Windows. Then go into Options and Settings. Further, uncheck the Improve my search results etc.

Where is this file located?

It is Registry keys which are usually affected by this file, which are located in the location of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

And Reg_Expand_SZ: SystemBinariesList

Another location for some entries as regards network access via the firewall at a different link.

Where is the file found?

In Windows, at System32.

What are some possible problems with this file?

It has been reported that the file can run a large amount of CPU utilization (some even claim that as much as 100 percent has been used occasionally, and it is often related to the installation of a third party decoder). Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix this problem. There have been various suggestions how to solve it by users:

  • It has been suggested to set upan image redirecting for the service launch, which will auto-kill it.
  • Some propose to disable XML indexing.
  • Some suggest the disabling of Windows search.

There have been users who claim the only solution is to reformat the operating system.