What does this IP address involve?

This IP address is the local network default IP address for certain home broadband routers, which includes SMC and Belkin devices. In fact, this address is positioned on certain models and brands and models when they are initially sold, although any computer or router which is on a local network can be configured to utilize it. It is known that a leading manufacturer of routers and modems is Belkin, which enables every user to possess his or her very own home network. In fact, each modem device or router is sold together with a CD which is used for the setup and enables the process to be used as straightforwardly and as easily as possible.

What happens, however, if you don’t have a CD?

Not to worry. Belkin routers, similarly with routers from other makers, possess an integrated utility which is web-based and which can without difficulty be accessed by way of the default IP address of the router. By and large, it is the IP address which Belkin uses for this, although in some cases some other IP can be used (and this can easily be checked by way of a few simple steps).

So how can we check if the address is the default IP?

Whereas certain models print the default IP address on a sticker, what can also be done is this: the IP address can be typed into the address bar of the browser to be check out. If the page of the login opens, it is the correct IP. If the reverse occurs, this is what should be done:

1. The Command Prompt should be started, and then CMD typed into the Run field on Windows.

2. When the Prompt command is opened, ipconfig should be typed in and the Enter command pressed.

3. After this, search for Default Gateway in the Command Prompt between the lines listed. There some listed numbers which are the IP of the default router (this ought to be the address). Then the login window should open, after which you should use the default username/password for logging in (if you don’t have them, contact the ISP).

Why should I login to my router and how?

In order to set up the router, there are other things you can also carry out:

– secure the Belkin router
enable the wireless internet
– alter the name of the network
– change the IP default address
– change the default username/password
– utilize MAC filtering.

What do I have to do in order to log in to my Belkin router?

You need the following for this process: a physical clink with the router (an Ethernet cable can be used); the correct router IP address; and a default username/password (as a rule of thumb, Belkin does not set up a default username/password, as they are set in the preliminary setup process). For the first login, leave the two fields empty.

For the login process, this is what you need to do: type in the default IP within the address bar, leaving the username and password fields empty, then press the button for the login, and that’s that. You need to check the menu to see which options are available, although you have to be careful with this. If you decide to change the default username/password, save the new passwords to be on the safe side.

What are the restrictions of using this IP address, if any?

The IP address has the same functional performance as some other private IP addresses (as for example, as well as, and others). This is a private IPv4 address, meaning that there is no way that it can be used to be linked to an external router, only the home local network (in other words, what should be issued is the public IP router address). Also, in order to prevent conflicts between IP addresses, no more than one device at one time can use the 2.1 address on the local network. For example, home networks which have two routers which are working at the same time need to be set up by means of different addresses.Find more info here 19216821ip.com

How can this address be changed?

Routers should be configured by their administrators by using any information about the address they wish to, making sure it is easy to memorize.

Also, in spite of the fact that the address represents a fairly widespread default address, changing it does not mean the security of the home network will be improved. However, the administrator of the router console can provide some options for the process of altering the default local address, along with some other IP settings.

Also, the hard reset process can be used for the routers which are using non-default IP address settings and are being restored for using the original defaults.