What is this IP address?

The IP address is defined as the default IP address for specific models of home broadband routers as well as access points which are usually sold outside of the US market. This address was set up by the as the default address for brands such as for example Senao, Phillips, and some others. This address is used for linking to a router: namely, if the router employs the mentioned address on the local network, it can be used to log on to the console of the router by way of the Web browser in order to pick out It is the usual case that this IP address is set to default to certain access points and routers, but it is also true that any PC on a local network or on a router has the potential to be set in order to use this address (also, in order to get around any possible address conflict, just one device ought to be used).

This is a private IP address If so, what does this mean?

Yes, is a private Internal Protocol version 4 (or IPv4, which is the abbreviation) network address, meaning that it cannot be linked to the router, but rather, the address ought to be used externally from the home network. Also, the public IP address of the router ought to be used.

What exactly is IPv4?

This is the 4th version of the Internal Protocol (the main communications protocol in the computer networking model called the internet protocol suite. Its main function, called the routing function, facilitates the internet to work, or in other words, it sets up the Internet which uses the IP to connect billions of devices all over the world.

How is this IP address used to link to a router?

Should it occur that a router is making use of the mentioned address on the local network, the console of the router can be logged into by setting a Web browser to

This is also a private IP address? If so, what does this mean?

The IP address is another private IPv4 network address, which means that we don’t have the possibility of connecting to a router if we use this address externally from outside the home network. As an alternative, what we must use is the public IP address of the router. The fact that this address is a private one means that it is created in the router’s firmware (which is a kind of software which offers monitoring, control, as well as data manipulation). In addition, it permits users to have access within the device by way of a browser that is being run on the computer which in turn is linked to the router. Another thing worth saying about private IP addresses like this one is that they were initially created to defer IPv4 address from being overloaded. Also, these addresses got the name ‘private’ due to the fact that they are not handed out worldwide. What does this mean? It simply means that they are not allocated to some particular organizations. Also, this entails the fact that IP packets which are addressed by them do not have the capacity of being conveyed onto the freely available and shared Internet.

What more can be said about private IP addresses?

Within the addressing structure of the Internet world, a private network simply means that it is a system which makes use of a space for private IP addresses.

Where are these addresses usually used?

The referred to addresses are as a rule used in home, as well as offices and company LANs (which stands for local area networks), and in the case that an internationally routable address is not compulsory, or on the other hand unavailable for the projected network applications. Thereby, private spaces for IP addresses were initially classified in an endeavor to defer IPv4 addressed overuse. In addition, they are an attribute of the future generation of Internet Protocol called IPv6. In fact, these addresses can be used by practically anybody, and approval by a RIR (which stands for a regional Internet registry) is not needed. In the case that a private system network like this has the need to be linked to the system of the Internet, the private network ought to employ either a proxy server or a NAT (short for network address translator) gateway.

Can this address be changed?

Just by dint of the fact that this is a default IP Address, it does not necessarily signify that the address has no possibility of undergoing possible changes which would be carried out by the user. In fact, should the user wish to, she or he is able to alter the IP Address to any other address, depending on the requirements and needs.